27.11.2020 08:31:40

Branislav Fábry: Unethical article of Golianová and Kazharski published by RUSI Journal

In general, when there is a contradiction of opinions in a society, it should be resolved by an exchange of arguments between all the opposing groups. Unfortunately, recently there is a tendency not to discuss the arguments of the opponents, but their “narratives“. As an example a similar approach could be seen in the „research article“ of Veronika Golianová and Aliaksei Kazharski "The Unsolid. Pro-Kremlin Narratives in Slovak cultural and educational Institutions" published by RUSI Journal. The authors pretend to take up position of academic neutrality and to deal with the topic of „pro-Kremlin narratives“. In reality, they are only one of the parties in public dispute and instead of argumentation they insult their opponents with degradating and untrue accusations. Spreading of such disinformation in English language seems to be quite effective as foreign public has little opportunity to get ‚ad fontes‘ and check all the Slovak sources published in the „research article“. Read the full article

Branislav Fábry